Welcome to the Abyssinian Apostolic Church

Archbishop D. E. Chase, Ph.D., OSP
Presiding Archbishop & Patriarch

Archbishop J. Thmpson, Ph.D., OSP
Vicar General
Provincial Archbishop of the South-East

Archbishop G. G. Brooks, Sr., Ph.D., OSP
Adjutant General
Provincial Archbishop of the South-West

Archbishop J. P. Johnston, Ph.D., OSP
Dean of the House of Bishops
Evangelistic Apostolic Church Archdiocese

Archbishop B. G. Land, Ph.D., OSP
Apostolic Archdiocese of SE Texas

Bishop H. J. Sloan, III, Th.D., OSP
Apostolic Diocese of St. Matthew



Phone: (502) 694-0757
Email: contact@aac-usa.org


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